About Me

I am a Software Developer in Boise, Idaho. Since graduating from Boise State University in 2009, I’ve been working for PinnPointe Consulting Group doing Web Development, Analytics, System Administration, and pretty much any other technical task that needs doing. During this time I’ve gone from Intern to Lead Developer.

Professionally, most of my backend work is done in Ruby or C#, with the occasional Java thrown in. Frontend development is, of course, Javascipt. I’m also responsible for maintaining an iPad app in Objective-C. When programming in my spare time, I’m mostly doing Project Euler or Exercism.io excercises in Haskell, which I hope to one day work in professionally as well.

In the past I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in the sadly defunct Mendicant University, first as a student and later as a mentor, which went a long way towards developing my Ruby skills. While most of Mendicant has drifted apart, I still keep in touch with a number of the members.